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I first heard about Hai Phong after reading about it on the Tiny Bite page, but this was my first time having dinner here, so this is actually a list of restaurants I have visited #. I had lunch at one of the restaurants on the list, a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Vietnam.

I would expect the taste of Pho to be much better if they made this claim, but it wasn't. It wasn't as good as I expected, which isn't surprising considering the website praises it as "the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine." I commented that it was a bit too hot for my taste and a bit too sweet for me. But it was still what I expected, although I would have expected it to have been much better, given that they call it "Vietnamese" and everyone else.

If you are planning your next holiday in Hai Phong or want to visit other cities in Vietnam, check out our guide to see the best Hai Phong restaurants in advance. If you want to try something as unique as Vietnamese culture, then take a trip to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City or any of the other places we have visited here to sample some good Vietnamese street food dishes. You can also find the rest of our travel guides for the country when you visit it by looking at our Vietnam travel guides, Vietnam travel guides and Vietnam Tourism Guide.

Click here to book a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, where you can sample many of Hanoi's favorite local dishes at one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

Saigons Kim Lien Restaurant in Vinh, browse its original map, read the reviews, find out prices and browse its original menus. Sluurpy has received more than 769 reviews for the hotel and if you don't believe us, look at the menu and the Khai Hoan restaurant is the perfect place for Vietnamese cuisine.

Find out more about the restaurant's menu and prices, as well as a list of other restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Find out about the original menu, prices and menu at the Khai Hoan restaurant in Vinh.

The porridge shop selling the bustling pleasures of Hai Phong is located on the corner of Pasteur Street in Hanoi and Phuoc Tho Street in Ho Chi Minh City (see above). Big and bright as the original Saigon location, the Honoi Pasteur Street Brewpub offers a wide range of Vietnamese breweries, including beers from Vietnam's leading breweries, as well as local and international brands. With a selection of locally brewed beers, there's something for everyone, from local to international to craft beers.

The original Tranquil Coffee Books is located on the corner of Pasteur Street and Phuoc Tho Street in Ho Chi Minh City (see above). Oc Lan Beo Hai Phong, located at the intersection of Pham Nghi Thong Street, Hoi An Street, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

If you want to come into contact with a Hai Phong girl on your trip, you should try to stay in this area as it is one of the best places in Hanoi.

Bo Nam Bo may not have been created in Hanoi, but the city serves a powerful, subtle version of the dish. If you are looking for a buffalo spot on Quan Nam Street, you can also try the buffalo at this place on Quannam Street. To learn more about Vietnam, I chose Nha Trang because no place is too similar to another. You can eat pork if you eat the South Vietnamese dish that inspired the name of the Honoi restaurant.

Vietnamese coriander (also called lacsa leaf) gives the salad its distinctive flavor. Not to mention the usual dishes, crocodiles and buffalo that set this restaurant apart from the other Hai Phong restaurants. When it comes to the Hai phong restaurant, there's the elegant French colonial villa, known for its delicious seafood, including a wide range of crab dishes. And last but not least, HaiPhong is home to Banh da cua, one of the most popular restaurants in Nha Trang and the city of Hanoi.

Eating Banh Mi in Hanoi is a great, inexpensive snack, and it is one of the best places to eat in the city, especially after a long day of cycling or walking. A better version is also found in Nha Trang, where you will find the famous Bao che tung, a sweet and spicy sweet potato cake, which is popular with the locals in and around Hanei for dessert. Take our Honoi Guide to learn more about all the delicious things to eat in, around and outside Hoon Hoa, as well as some of our favorite restaurants, hotels, restaurants and restaurants in Hai Phong. If you are looking for a hotel in Haunai, we recommend that you consider staying at Sofitel Legend Metropole, Haniai, if your budget allows.

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More About Hai Phong