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This article is part of our series about the journey to Hanoi Hai Phong Station, including online booking of tickets, timetables and more. There are four stations that travelers need to know before they take the Hainan Ho Chi Minh City - Hai Phong train. It's time to buy a ticket for the HaiPhong Station and go to the station to buy tickets for the Haiphong Station.

If you have forgotten the bus station in Hai Phong, tourists can take a taxi to Xe Om to get to the hotel or the sights of HaiPhong or book a hotel in the attractions of the city in Hanoi, Hainan or Ho Chi Minh City.

When the long Hai Phong expressway went out of service, the distance between Ha Long and Hanoi was reduced from 50 km to just 130 km, and the latter is excellent, reducing the journey from Hanei to Hai to just one hour. The new Route 5, which connects Hainan and HaiPhong, is in good condition, but the island is not accessible by car. Hai phong can be reached via Route 10, which is now in excellent condition, as well as via Thai Lach Road and Route 6, both of which offer good access to and from the islands.

The drive from Hanei to Hai Phong via Thai Lach Road and Route 6 is now about 45 minutes. The journey from Ha Long to Hainan Island via the new expressway Route 5 and the old Route 10 currently takes about 30-40 minutes, and from HaiPhong to Hanoi by train or bus about 45 minutes.

Travellers need about 2-2.5 hours from Hai Phong on the road to Halong Bay and from Hanei via the new expressway route 5 and route 6 about 3-4 hours to Hainan Island. For travelers, the journey from Ha Long to HaiPhong via Thai Lach Road and the old Route 10 takes about one and a half to three hours, for travelers who drive from Halong Bay to Hai Phong Road, about four to five hours. The journey between Ha Long and Haiphong by train or bus takes about two to three hours and about 3 to 5 minutes.

The journey time between Hai Phong and Hanoi is about 1.5 to 2 hours and costs $70 to $80 per car. Bus tickets are cheaper, starting at $4- $5 and can be cheap in Hanei and Haiphong via the new highway route 5 and route 6.

If you are not a big fan of buses, a train ride is a good option when visiting Hai Phong. It is the cheapest means of transport that will take you directly to the centre of HaiPhong, saving you a lot of time and money and a few hours of driving time.

In most places, including Hai Phong, you can take a cheap public bus to stay overnight if you need an escape from the half-western world. Besides Hanoi there are several other worthwhile excursions, many of which are excellent for a day trip. If you need to stay in HaiPhong and escape, you should stay in one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Hai Phong Hotel.

If you are looking for interesting and fun activities in Hai Phong, do not read the top 10 activities in and around HaiPhong. We have found a list of the best things you can do on a day trip to Vietnam's second largest city to help you plan your trip better and make sure it's as fun as you'd like it to be.

Tourists visit Hai Phong to spend time on Cat Ba Island, which is pretty much the most famous attraction in Hai Phong, but there are many other tourist attractions that will keep you in this part of Vietnam. In addition, Hai Phong also has a number of historical sites and attractions that offer visitors a host of unforgettable experiences during their vacation. Visiting Du Hang Pagoda is one of our most recommended activities during a day trip to Vietnam's second largest city and also the country's largest tourist destination.

Guided tours offer visitors the opportunity to visit some of the most important sights in Hai Phong accompanied by Vietnamese speaking guides, many of whom speak excellent English. If you are traveling to HaiPhong to get the most out of what it has to offer, you should not miss the opportunity to see the amazing sights it has to offer. We can also help you if you want to visit this beautiful province with many famous destinations.

Hai Phong is very close to Hanoi and if you travel by motorcycle from Hanei to Haiphong by train, you can save yourself the awful road trip by throwing your bike off the train at Hai Phong Station and walking or cycling to the nearest bus station. You can also take a bus to HaiPhong, which takes about two hours and allows you to visit the city as you cross Long Bay. Travelling on a motorcycle is a great option for those who come to and from Haiphong and love the feeling of riding alone.

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More About Hai Phong